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Memory Puzzle HD: Test Your Memory


Sulaba has come up with a cheap way to sharpen your memory, or so they claim. They?ve designed three games to test your memory and supposedly improve it, as well as your concentration [good news for ADHD folks]. The set of games is comes in three flavors: images, colors, and numbers. You can even set the difficulty level as you advance.

Memory Puzzle HD for Apple iPad: an interesting way to train your gray cellsDesigned for the Apple iPad, it is available at the App Store for a reasonable $1.99, you won?t be out much if you don?t remember why you bought the game package. You need at last iOS 3.2 to play and 6.6 MB.
The game’s called "Memory Puzzle HD." Actually, "Memory Puzzle" is three games, all of them challenging to a player’s mental acuity. A simple test gives you 45 seconds to remember the original order of a matrix of numbers after you shake the iPad to display a new matrix. During a timed session, you earn points by placing the numbers in their original position.

The second matrix game concerns colors. Colored squares contain diamonds in them, but not primary colors, like simple red, blue, yellow, but variations such as dark and light blue. You are asked to convert the colors into a string of words. Again, you get points for a correct answer [what a novel idea] under a timed scenario. The color shading can easily throw you off, so look closely. In a three by three grid, you have nine chances to be… right… or wrong.

The Picture Puzzle has you select a photo from your iPad?s photo album. That image ends up as a matrix of scrambled squares, similar to a jigsaw puzzle tossed out of the box. The one blank square is there to help you manipulate the others to form the original picture. In the background, that darned timer is winding down.

You can control the size of the matrix ? from three by three, three by four, and so on, up to five by five. You can also set the amount of time you have to succeed from a single second [whew] to over a minute and a half.
All this can be posted on the Social Buzz Scoreboard. You can connect to Facebook and Twitter from inside the game. Memory Puzzle won?t post to Facebook unless you give Memory Puzzle permission to do so.

It might not be the snazziest and best performing puzzle set around, it?s Rel 1.0, so it might get better, but you can?t beat the price. MacNewsWorld rated it as three stars out of five.