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Stanford Dedicates New Engineering Center to Jen-Hsun Huang


Stanford?s Engineering School is no stranger to nVidia or GPU Computing, or even Jen-Hsun Huang. Jen-Hsun Huang is part of a long list of graduates from Stanford where he got his master?s in electrical engineering. As such, it isn?t surprising to think that someone of his stature and significance would get involved in the building of a new engineering building. His donation of $30 million dollars made the completion of the Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering Center possible and is the second of four buildings that would make up the Science and Engineering Quad.

The ceremony marked the inauguration of the building and what it stood for. Mr. Huang proceeded to state that many successful technology companies in the world sprung from that very engineering school and effectively changed the way people use technology today. Those lines could easily be used to describe Nvidia as well and we?re sure it was probably implied. Preceding the ceremony there was also a symposium held inside the engineering center?s 300-seat NVIDIA Auditorium. We wonder how many rooms are named after or allude to NVIDIA technologies or people.

Here is a short video that sums up the festivities of the day as well as gets some of the words right from Jen-Hsun himself.