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WSJ Says Apple iPhone on Verizon is Really Happening


As many people nowadays know there has, in the past, been a rumor that Apple would be manufacturing an iPhone for use on Verizon?s CDMA network. The only problem is, that rumor has been circulating for years and furthermore, the WSJ hasn?t necessarily been accurate regarding the dates which have caused them to lose some credibility.  The simple fact is that if Apple wants an iPhone on Verizon’s network, they have to go through Qualcomm or use a Qualcomm license in order to be able to use CDMA, there?s no way around it. As such, they are more likely to simply use a Qualcomm chipset in the device and maybe even switch over to Qualcomm chipsets entirely as some rumors have suggested.

The WSJ article claims that Apple is making a Verizon-ready iPhone by the end of the year that will likely be ready by early next year. The claim by their sources [who we aren?t even sure we should be believing anymore] that the Verizon version should be a very close variant of the iPhone 4 with a slightly different Qualcomm chipset inside as opposed to the Samsung Hummingbird/Apple A4. The good thing, though, is that Qualcomm?s chipsets[Snapdragon] are plenty fast for Apple?s needs and Apple should have no issues finding a Qualcomm chipset that can satisfy their OS and UI needs. They also hinted at a 5th generation being in the works which to us seems like a no brainer and really doesn?t require anything to be said.

As usual, the WSJ contacted both Qualcomm and Verizon Wireless representatives that declined to comment. Our only annoyance with this entire situation is that every time there is an announcement about the iPhone on Verizon it seems to come from the WSJ, which is a fairly credible investment publication, but can they be considered to be a credible technology news publication? Almost every single time the talk about the iPhone on Verizon has popped up; we?ve found that the WSJ was the source of the rumor. All that we ask is that everyone take this announcement with a grain of salt and consider the past announcements as well. Our assessment is that what has been rumored is entirely possible and very likely, but we want to be cautious considering past events. We don’t want to have to compare this to the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Furthermore, ever since the WSJ announcement Verizon[VZ] has done the obligatory stock price jump that always occurs whenever an iPhone on Verizon rumor has bubbled up.