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Archos Shows 10.1-Inch Tablet at CTIA


At PepCom’s MobileFocus, the press event for CTIA, Archos showed five versions of their tablets. Their 10.1-inch display is ultra-thin, light-weight and has excellent viewing in a room.

Archos introduced their Android powered 4.3" "tablet"
Archos introduced their Android powered 4.3" "tablet"

In their MobileFocus booth, they had five models starting with a Wi-Fi connected 2.8" touch screen with an 800MHz, Cortex A8 processor. Next, was the 3.2", then the 4.3" version with a faster, 1GHz Cortex-A8. All three come with Google’s Android 2.2 Froyo.

Archos 7" Tablet shows Froyo's User Interface
Archos 7" Tablet shows Froyo’s User Interface
The two Archos tablets that were getting the most attention last night were the 7" and 10.1", multi-touch capacitive display tablets. Both are DSP-equipped, capable of capturing MPEG-4 HD with up to screen resolution of 1280×720 pixels at 30 frames [bit-rate: 6Mbps] for the 7-inch and 8Mbps for the 10.1" tablet. The 7" tablet has an optional hard drive with up to 250GB capacity.

Archos 4.3" and 10.1" Tablets at PepCom's MobileFocus 2010
Archos 4.3" and 10.1" Tablets at PepCom’s MobileFocus 2010

Archos’ 10.1 Internet tablet’s features are impressive for a $300 MSRP. They include  WiFI, WebCam, up to 16GB of storage, weighs only 15.8 ounces [450 grams] and is a thin half-inch [12mm]. The 10.1" will start shipping on October 17th, 2010 from Archos dealers such as Amazon and Best Buy who have been carrying their previous generations. This model will be a guaranteed contender against Apple’s iPad.
Now the big question is, where are all those promised nVidia Tegra 2, 1GHz tablets we have been hearing about and writing about?

At nVidia’s Press roundtable after Jen-Hsun Huang’s GTC keynote speech, he admitted that he was "disappointed" that the Tegra 2 had taken a year to reach the place where a shipping retail product is in sight. Theo Valich, BSN’s Editor-in-Chief, says if you look at the auto industry, you will see the Tegra 2 embedded processor popping up all over the place. Has nVidia literally abandoned the Tegra 2 consumer market for the volume sales of the auto industry? We are asking nVidia that very question and will let you know their answer.