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Dexim Shows iPhone 4 Accessories


Dexim, manufactures a line of mobile accessories for the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry. At MobileFocus 2010 event held in San Francisco, CA – they introduced fun and serious accessories for the iPhone 4. From colorful cases and reflective screen protectors, to a wider range of portable power and docking solutions, iPhone 4 was front and center.

Dexim's new iPhone 4 case that doubles as the batteryDexim?s new power packs come as a protective leather case and a foldable dock that is part of a 3 in 1 bundle. Their Smartscan Audio Handsfree kit is an audio swiveling car mount with a suction cap. It is used to charge, secure, and hold your device while you drive. Finally, they brought a variety of colorful, transparent, durable silicone sleeves.  Respective prices are $80, $70, $55 and $22, give or take a few cents for the four products.
The leather case doubles as a portable power source for extending talk time to 8 hours, video game time to 15 hours , and audio to 60 hours. The flip power dock has the same lengthening ability, but you?ll gain an additional 20 hours of audio play. Its bundle includes an iPhone 4 thermoplastic polyurethane case, a glare screen protector with squeegee card and cleaning cloth. The Smartscan for your car gives you GPS and map viewing, hands free talk, and great audio with built-in microphone and FM transmitter application support.
The new DCA220 leather power case, DPA065 flip foldable power dock bundle, and DLA155 silicone case are expected to be available at popular retail stores in the US starting in November.
The company?s factory is in Shenzhen China, with service in San Diego, California, and offices in Ontario, California. The name Dexim is a transliteration of a set of Chinese characters meaning: ethic practice [loyalty and a high sense of responsibility towards the consumer]; three wins [the consumer, the business partner, and the shareholders and employees] and bright future [realizing our dreams].
The company?s high goals are realized in the new products while they continue to offer an AV adapter, an AV dock station with remote control, and a MacHub dock station which are also compatible with the iPhone 4.
Dexim?s P-Flip Solar Power Panels
Dexim?s P-Flip Solar Power Panels

Dexim?s P-Flip Solar Power for the iPhone 3G series opens to two camouflage-colored solar panels that convert the sun’s rays into energy for your iPhone. A full 15 hour 2000mAh lithium polymer battery charge from natural sunlight will return 15 hours of gaming time. A micro USB cable can also be used to sync and charge the device. The foldable dock is designed for hands free viewing horizontally or vertically.
Laconia Cheng, CEO of Dexim says: "We strive to produce the most innovative, unique and versatile accessories to provide iPhone 4 users with that same creativity and enthusiasm."