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Going Over-the-Top, Britain and Spain Join Hands

Oregan Networks based in London and Telefónica based in Madrid have joined hands to provide OTT services in more than 25 countries. Oregan brings the ability to easily search and playback content from various sources including personal home devices, mobile appliances, and premium pay-per-view video libraries using Telefónica’s high speed broadband access.
Oregan already licenses their software to Sony, Philips, NTT, an international telecommunications company based in Japan; Cello Electronics, a UK LCD TV manufacturer; and Quadriga, in the hotel industry. It now holds out its hand to Telefónica. This will enable delivery and sharing of Internet video, music, and photos by consumers in Latin America, as well as in Great Britain and Europe via IPTV.
Telefónica is a fixed and mobile telecom operator supplying client-side middleware. In September the company doubled wireless broadband access speed to 42 Mbps. The same month, it led the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in the global telecommunications sector for the second year running.

Telefonica is consisted out of Telefonica and O2 fixed and mobile communications networks and Movistar / Terra, two terrestrial TV and data networks
Telefonica is consisted out of Telefonica and O2 fixed and mobile communications networks and Movistar / Terra, two TV and data networks

Telefónica?s partnership with Oregan Networks creates a foundation for universal connectivity, independent of the network infrastructure, for the growing on-line and social media market. Pay TV penetration has been limited in Latin America, a market which represents 64 percent of the telecom operator?s total subscriber base. The partnership should boost enthusiasm with the new capabilities.

Ministry of Food by Jamie OliverMark G Perry, CEO of Oregan Networks said, "Driven by the rapid progress in maturity and consumer familiarity with Internet applications and technologies, Over The Top [OTT] content represents an important ingredient in today’s telecoms services mix. Telefónica is a project of great magnitude and significance for Oregan and we are pleased to be contributing to the telco’s effort in developing new frontiers of entertainment."
In September, Oregan Networks announced the Onyx-powered DPS 1000 STB from Digital Streams, powered by one of the latest dual core STB chipset innovations provided by Broadcom. Onyx is a dedicated internet video streaming device, featuring ultra-compact design, simplified set up process, comprehensive media format support and energy efficiency.

The media player allows users to access multiple branded content outlets "via a slick and animated user interface". These include leading movie rental services, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, and Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food.