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Microsoft Store Offers 50% off Computers with Special Phrase and Purchase


That?s right, if you live near a Microsoft Store [San Diego, Mission Viejo, Scottsdale, Lonetree] and have been in the market for a computer, then today is your day to head on over to the Microsoft Store. Today they are offering a once in a lifetime deal where they basically give you 50% off any computer with the purchase of the $150 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Family Upgrade Pack. This may seem like it?s a sham at first, but this comes directly from Microsoft?s very own official Facebook page.

The only catch is, you must tell them the phrase,"I?m a PC." This phrase will grant you the 50% off discount. While we?ve been to the Microsoft store multiple times, we really haven?t paid as much attention to their computer[mostly laptop] offerings. Their prices, though, aren?t astronomically high and we?d expect a 50% discount to translate to a once in a lifetime deal on a computer. That means getting a $1000 laptop for $650 because you effectively still have to purchase the $150 software in order to qualify for the deal. Then again, if you’re looking for a Blu-Ray equipped, 3D glasses, 120Hz panel and a high end graphics card, those notebooks run for $1500-1800[if they have them in store]. With this discount, the price of a high-end 17" notebook goes down to less than $1000, including the mandatory Family Pack purchase [and have a total of four licenses].

Also, you can always use that software to upgrade some of your older windows computers, which is what we figured Microsoft planned on doing with this deal. Also, this deal is ONLY for today so we HIGHLY recommend that you head on over to the nearest store ASAP because this deal is only available for today and while supplies last.

A quick screenshot of the deal posted on Facebook.