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And the Winner of CoolIT Vantage ALC is…


Over the course of last weekend, we ran a Global giveaway with CoolIT Systems, in which one winner [from wherever he or she is] would receive Vantage ALC for the best answer.

After consulting with CoolIT Systems, the winner is Mr. Evgenii Golubev from Germany.  Mr. Evgenii is also known on many internet forums as "Zalbard".

We congratulate Evgenii for bringing the best comment:

"Q: What is the most important feature in a CPU cooler?
A: Great performance while maintaining acceptable noise levels.
Q: What do you like most about the Vantage ALC [as seen in the video]?
A: The monitoring software is quite impressive and is something you do not see often.
Q: What resources do you typically use to research CPU coolers when trying to make a decision on which one to buy [i.e. this website, magazines, friends and family, manufacturers website, etc.]
A: Sites like BSN, Fudzilla, Anandtech and forums like XtremeSystems.org"

On behalf of CoolIT Systems and Bright Side Network, we thank everybody who participated and we wish you all the luck in the next contest.