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OCZ Opens New SSD Fab, Capacity Expands to 140,000 Units/Month


OCZ recently disclosed that the company achieved record sales in August, and that the company sold over 54,000 Solid State Drives in August 2010, up from 15,000 SSDs a month in first quarter. In order to address this growth, OCZ Technology reacted today with the opening of working hours in Taiwan – announced that the company will open a new SSD manufacturing plant in Taipei, Taiwan.

Starting on October 25, OCZ’s new factory will manufacture 140,000 units a month, enabling the company to achieve an unprecedented 933% growth in a single year [from 15K to 140K]. With this growth, it is easy to see why OCZ moved away from the turbulent DRAM business, especially with recent efforts from Intel and HP to remove the DIMM standard and move to a SO-DIMM only world, reducing the number of SKUs [Stock Keeping Unit].

Given that the company is publicly traded [NASDAQ: OCZ], it has to disclose details of their operations into a much greater extent than the vast majority of Solid State Manufacturers – which assures the investors. Over the past couple of years, we met with a vast number of vendors who came to the market and promised the world, but in the end, they only had couple of thousand products to sell and that was about that.

With a responsibility to investors, OCZ cannot sit still and they’re moving from a position of a company that purchased drives from 3rd parties and branded them – into a full-blown storage manufacturer, albeit a small David among Goliaths such as Kingston, Seagate and Western Digital. It will be interested to see can OCZ sell more than 1,68 million Solid State Drives in 2011.