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Nokia Releases N900 PR 1.3 Firmware Update


Many people have been waiting for Nokia to release the PR 1.3 firmware update for the Nokia N900. Many of them believed that this would be a major improvement as there appeared to be quite a bit of time between PR 1.2 and PR 1.3, similar to the time between 1.1 and 1.2. The only problem, though, is that Nokia wasn?t necessarily forthcoming regarding what would be released in this update until today when my phone told me that I had an update for Maemo 5[the operating system the N900 runs on].

When we went over to Nokia?s official blog, we noticed that the information posted on their webpage was about as informative as the 2 sentence summary of the actual firmware update itself. ?The update adds Ovi Suite support to your N900 and makes it even easier to access and sync files and messages between your device and your desktop. In addition, we?ve added hundreds of tweaks and fixes that will make your N900 run faster and smoother than ever,? according to Nokia. After running this, we?ve already done some preliminary tests and noticed that the video playback choppiness has disappeared and that the camera interface lag has also disappeared.

As for the improved Ovi integration, this feature should have really been implemented and working from day one? but it hasn?t. Now it works seamlessly. Another thing that we found to be promising is that the N900?s OTA update actually worked this time. We didn?t have to go to Nokia?s repositories and do a manual flash using the flasher program. This is an added problem that Nokia has fixed that we had with our phone when we were reviewing it. Part of this integration also adds a much easier mail setup process, they have added more email services to the pre-setup services which made setting up a gmail account take seconds instead of minutes.

We will keep you posted on the improvements that we notice on the phone and any other firmware updates, but for the most part they appear to be performance changes. Nokia has not talked much about the Meego dual booting ability of the N900 nor have they talked about possibly updating it with the newest version of flash as it currently runs 9.4 instead of the latest 10.1. Nor have they made any mentions regarding the extremely dated Ovi Maps application which is probably one of the few map applications on a smartphone without traffic.