MSI to Hold MOA 2011 Americas Final at CES


MSI, in conjunction with HWBOT has officially launched their online pre-selection and announced the location of their America?s final competition where the winner will then be sent to compete in the MOA Grand Finals in Taipei, Taiwan. The online pre-selection contest will begin October 23rd and continue through November 21st, 2010. The winners of these contests will then be given a chance to participate in the Americas Final in Las Vegas, NV at CES 2011. The Grand Final for 2010 recently ended in September crowning the winner in the official MOA Grand Final city of Taipei, Taiwan.

As far as the contest for the MOA competition, everything will be handled via HWBOT for the preliminary online pre-selection phase. The contest will be broken down into five groups under the motherboard and graphics card categories. As expected, all of these product categories specifically feature MSI products which are already being widely used by overclockers to set world records anyways.

The first three categories are in the motherboard category and will focus on the LGA-1366-based processors on the X58 chipset and LGA-1156 motherboards rely on H55/H57 chipset. For the X58 group, contestants will be running SuperPi 32M runs to see who can clock their i7 chip the highest with the best memory performance in order to get the lowest SuperPi 32M time. In the H55/H57 group, contestants will be using 3DMark Vantage in conjunction with the IGP of the H55/H57 chipset. This means that contestants will be using extreme cooling to see how high of a 3DMark Vantage score they can obtain by extremely overclocking their Clarkdale processors. The final motherboard category will involve P55, H55, and H57 motherboards to see which overclockers can get the best 3DMark 2001 score.

After taking a look at the motherboard contests, there are also going to be two graphics card related contests focusing on 3DMark Vantage. The two contests basically amount to the same thing; the only difference is that one focuses on ATI?s 5000 series of graphics cards, while the other focuses on nVidia?s 400 series of graphics cards. There is currently no word on whether or not MSI will have any sort of a Radeon HD 6000 series contest. Considering how new the AMD 6000 series of GPUs is, we would assume that MSI wants to give overclockers an ample amount of time with the hardware before they start announcing contests using it.

Once the winners have been decided, the top two scoring contestants from each category will be chosen to be sent to the Americas Final at CES to compete for the title of MOA Americas Champion and possibly even later in the year, World MOA Champion. The competition in January will take place from January 6th through the 7th exactly during CES.