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iPad for Verizon Goes on Sale Tomorrow

Many people have been waiting for the opportunity to use Apple products [like the iPhone] on Verizon?s network. Tomorrow, they get one step closer. In a fairly new development, Verizon had announced a partnership with Apple to sell their iPads bundled with Verizon?s MiFi devices. Many people saw this announcement as the possible validation of any Apple iPhone on Verizon rumors. As we can see, this relationship is slowly coming to fruition. The only odd thing is that tomorrow Verizon is selling customers an option that technically has been available for months if they purchased the items separately with a slight exception.

The solution is to effectively sell you an iPad Wi-Fi and a Verizon MiFi. This is done because the iPad 3G is designed for AT&T and runs on GSM rather than Verizon?s CDMA Network. To combat this, they simply created a workaround solution that ultimately required very little testing or R&D at all. In addition to this, almost anyone who bought one of the first iPads could have easily gone out and purchased a MiFi to go along with it and would effectively be getting the same result. The only difference is that you are effectively paying iPad 3G prices for the WiFi version because Verizon is giving you the ability to go month to month like on the iPad 3G.

The prices for the bundles are as follows:

  • 16GB WiFi ? 629.99
  • 32GB WiFi ? 729.99
  • 64GB WiFi ? 829.99

These bundles will only be available through Verizon Wireless retail stores and on Verizon Wireless’ website, these bundles cannot be purchased through third party retailers such as Best Buy or Apple.

In order to use the Mifi, you simply will need to have the device, which Verizon provides you with and pay the month to month data plan which starts at $20 for 1GB. You can also pay $35 for 3GB and $50 for 5GB. Customers will still need to sign a service agreement with Verizon for the 3G plans with the MiFi device, but the plans will be available on the month-to-month basis like the AT&T one without any termination fees. As we can tell here, Verizon is trying to be competitive with the seamless AT&T solution and be competitive with the price of the Apple 3G as well. The only thing is that AT&T?s plans are in some cases cheaper than Verizon?s, but Verizon offers more data plans with more data and more flexibility if you go over your allotted monthly amount.