OCZ Announces Second Generation RevoDrive PCI-e SSD

OCZ Technology has announced their RevoDrive X2 which is an upgrade of the original RevoDrive which was also a PCI-e based RAID SSD. The new RevoDrive X2 offers capacities and speeds that the original RevoDrive could not offer.

The old RevoDrive had half the capacity of the newer RevoDrive X2 in that the smallest size was 50GB and the largest was 480GB. OCZ has not only increased the size of these drives by 100%, but also improved the read and write speeds significantly. The old RevoDrive offered speeds of up to 540MB/s read and 450MB/s write with a sustained write of 350MB/s. This was all while getting a random 4k write of 74,000 IOPs.

Most notably, the RevoDrive X2 offers speeds of up to 740MB/s read and 720MB/s write with a sustained write of 600MB/s utilizing the SandForce controllers. These speeds are for their larger drive offerings ranging from 240GB to 960GB. In addition to that, the larger drives are capable of 120,000 IOPs when it comes to 4K random writes. For the 100GB to 160GB drives, users should expect speeds of 740MB/s read and 690MB/s write with decreased IOPs of 100,000. As you can tell, the drives? performance is dependent upon the amount and density of the chips included in the array. Once you pass the appropriate barrier, the speeds are maintained.

Another great thing about the OCZ RevoDrive X2 is that it is bootable like its predecessor, meaning that you can load your OS onto it and use it as a primary operating system drive. The only problem is that when you get into RAID SSDs, you lose the ability to use TRIM which allows the operating system to properly maintain the wear on the various cells. Although it may not have TRIM, this drive should still have background garbage collection [BGC] which will still allow users to recover lost performance over time. We are interested to see how much these improvements will affect the new prices of the RevoDrive X2 and how much higher we should expect the price to go.