Gary Shapiro of CEA Fame Comments the Election

Gary Shapiro, President of CEA and a person that clashed with Tomi Ahonen, our mobile industry analyst made his comment on elections. We will refrain from commenting on his comments. Just bear in mind they’re coming from an association that supports the industry players such as mobile phone operators – which continuoulsy limit the U.S. market and resulting for U.S. to continuously drop behind the world in terms of quality of mobile phone and Internet service providers.

"Dear Innovation Movement Member,
I?m writing to share my sense of how innovation fared after last night?s election.

In a word: excellent.
In my view, the last two years have been devastating for business and the future of the country.
? The economy stagnated. Private industry lost seven million jobs while federal government jobs increased more than six figures.
?Federal spending exploded. The annual federal deficit skyrocketed to more than $1.3 trillion. The total federal debt grew and will soon surpass $10 trillion.
?New laws created new burdens. Health care and financial "reform" created new bureaucracies but did not address fundamental underlying problems with rising costs, malpractice and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.
?The nation shifted to a more isolationist posture for trade. Not one trade agreement was entered into, and the pending Colombia, Panama and South Korea trade agreements did not budge in Congress.
? The anti-business environment hurt job growth. Threats of new taxes and political schemes such as "card check" [now dead] and Obamacare, when met with a slower-growth economy, chilled investment in new jobs.
I am optimistic that the election will change things. Americans have spoken in favor of less government spending, and they fired the politicians pushing these massive bills that are costly and not even understood.

This change in national mood is great for innovation. The anti-deficit, anti-federal spending, pro-business shift in the electorate is 100 percent consistent with an innovation-based agenda. Now we can focus on the policy issues that will get our nation back on track: lowering the federal deficit, passing trade agreements, modernizing visas, and making more spectrum available for wireless broadband and new innovation.

There were a few disappointments last night. The biggest for us was that Democrat Rick Boucher was not reelected in Virginia. He lost his rural seat due to his cap-and-trade vote, but for the innovation community, he was the most knowledgeable and supportive of moving the industry forward through public policy.

Moreover, the defeat of two former tech CEOs, Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman, in California is sad but not fatal. California is its own special case, and each candidate had some unique challenges in the campaign.

But we are a net gainer with a more tech-friendly Congress. Former Consumer Electronics Association [CEA] Chairman, Darrell Issa, a longtime innovation proponent, may become one of the most influential political leaders in Washington as he takes over the chairmanship of the House Government Oversight Committee. While other committees have to deal with their Democratic Senate counterparts and ultimately get approval from President Obama, Rep. Issa will have subpoena power as he occupies the large and important job of overseeing the operations of government. I believe he will be judicious and try to avoid being accused of aimless witch hunts.

The Congress will be a difficult place overall for the next two years, as we enter a battle between the Republicans finding cuts in the budget, and Democrats trying to preserve their signature big bills and set the stage for the next election.

In any case, the Innovation Movement is well positioned to be a force for change in Washington.

I?ve committed some of these thoughts on last night?s election to my latest Huffington Post op-ed, The Lesson: Americans Care About Our Future. Please share your thoughts and commentary by way of Huffington Post, or visit our Innovation Movement Facebook or Twitter feed and leave us a message.

As always, thank you for your support of innovation.

Gary Shapiro
President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association"