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HP Slate Dead On Arrival? And Other Rumors


Apple’s Steve Jobs said at their October earnings announcement that 7-inch tablets were dead on arrival. Seems the HP Slate team didn’t get Steve’s memo. HP’s enterprise-centric, MS Windows 7-based, tablet PC, is supposedly sold out.
HP Slate is supposedly sold out... due to low number of units available.
HP Slate is supposedly sold out… due to low number of units available.
The HP Slate 500 features an 8.9" touch-screen, inward- and outward-facing cameras for video conferencing, a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor, 64GB of NAND flash storage, and a Webcam port. Pricing starts at $799, and HP offers the device only through its Website.
Rumors are that 9,000 units were sold and HP only built 5,000. That sounds rather odd for a company like HP with a huge sales force to only build 5,000 tablets. HP has supposedly re-hired the manufacturer to build another production run as quickly as possible. HP’s website says to plan on a six week wait for delivery. True, when we see that not just Apple, but other players such as Archos and European-based Point of View ship from thousands of tablets to tens of thousands of tablets per month – one must wonder could that be one of reasons why an industry legend Rahul Sood finally gave up on HP?
Maybe HP was worried about the RIM’s 7-inch PlayBook tablet PC selling for less than $500 in North America. The PlayBook comes with dual core processor with 1 GHz, 1 GB of RAM, 7 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1024×600 pixels, the camera front and rear, and QNX operating system with support for Adobe Flash.
We heard a rumor that there will be nearly a dozen tablets and netbooks with the Pixel Qi display shown at Las Vegas. The Pixel Qi display units are rumored to be in several exhibitor booths in CES 2011 North Hall. Not hidden on the top floor of a Las Vegas high-rise luxury hotel like they were at CES 2010. Then again, from our recent experience with Pixel Qi, one must wonder can they really pull it through or not.
Notion Ink Adam - Soon to stop being vaporware...?
Notion Ink Adam – Soon to lose its vaporware status…?
Supposedly, the 10.1" Notion Ink Adam tablet with Pixel Qi display will be less than $500 in North America. Their blog says they have more than 20 customized applications built-in. "Not the stretched mobile apps, but custom-made for the Adam."

Custom-built Adam motherboard features nVidia Tegra 250
Custom-built Adam motherboard features nVidia Tegra 250

Apple, which owns 95 percent of the tablet market, plans on adding enterprise capabilities to their iPad. The company’s iOS 4.2 update for the tablet will offer stronger security and device-management capabilities, in addition to AirPrint wireless printing.
On Monday, AMD announced they were joining the MeeGo project. That should wake up Intel’s team because the AMD Ontario and Zacate devices are supposed to go on Intel’s Atom CPU. My colleague Anshel has a more detailed article on this announcement.

Android Gingerbread got its number - not the 3.0, but rather 2.3.Google CEO Eric Schmidt, talking at the Web 2.0 conference on Monday, said that Android Gingerbread [version 2.3] is only weeks away from being launched.
The nVidia rumor mill will not be left out in the cold. They claim they are ready and able to make up for lost time between their big promises at CES 2010 regarding Tegra 2 and the problem that, thus far, no one is seeing Tegra 250 products on the street.
In yet another corner, Verizon execs are supposedly hinting that a 4G Android will show up at CES 2011.
It sounds like CES 2011 could be an exciting show. BSN* will again have a full compliment of writers checking out the latest for our readers.