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3DMark 11 To Launch on November 30, 2010

Futuremark just announced the release date and the start of pre-order for 3DMark11 Advanced Edition as well as a new preview trailer on YouTube in Full HD quality.

According to an e-mail from Oliver Baltuch, President of Futuremark, the next-gen benchmark will truly reveal all that DirectX 11 API can provide to the consumers, providing us with new comparison screenshows revealing various DX11 effects in action.

3DMark11 Pre-Order Teaser Trailer

Just like native DirectX 10 engine used in 3DMark Vantage and Shattered Horizon, 3DMark 11 benchmark is based on much native game engine that was written ground-up in DirectX 11 mode, and will be used in future products coming out of Futuremark and Futuremark Gaming Studios. Hence we consider the debate of simulated versus real-world benchmark as groundless in case of 3DMark.

You can get 3DMark11 Advanced Edition for only $19.95, and Professional Version for $995.00 [Unlimited Site License].