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AMD Loses one of Key GPGPU people to Intel

Ever since project Larrabee came crashing down and the inevitable oust of the executives and some highly-paid engineers and marketeers, Intel has been laying low and hiring people with expertise in GPGPU i.e. GPU Computing.

One recent hire got our attention though – Michael Chu, former Product Manager for ATI STREAM i.e. GPGPU business division called it a day at Red team and decided to switch to a Blue team. Michael’s new job is cryptically named "Experience Product Manager", without the name of exact business unit.

We have contacted Michael and got a cryptic answer, so it’s easy to suspect that Intel is up to something when it comes to GPGPU and massivelly parallel computing, then again – Intel is always up to something, you can ask ARM folks about that.

In any case, we wish Michael all the best in his new career.