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"The blog without a blog," Tinywrite says Hello World!

Tinywrite is something really new, something different. It is place were you can write and publish stuff you want to share with the world. The idea actually came from three friends from Croatia. They wanted to have the place where they can publish watever they want and share with others.
As they say "the Facebook is good but only the friends can see what they share, and Twitter is limited with 140 characters," while Tinywrite is "for users with few posts that don’t want to open a blog." The idea was born and here is the result, Tinywrite were you can write and share what ever you want, no registration needed. It’s the blog without a blog. It is still in beta so the developers can hear all the opinions,ideas, bugs etc.

Simple idea that in only 24 hours spread through the Internet, but the question remains does it have a potential to become the new Facebook or Twitter. Micro-blogging without limitations just might work.