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Make App Icons on Your iDevice Fly Using the GraviBoard Tweak


Wanna play a practical joke on your friends? How about watching their confused faces as they reach out to the apps on their home screen only to see the icons lose gravity and fly around?

Enter GraviBoard, a hack for jailbroken iDevices which kills gravity that keeps the icons suspended mid-air on the home screen grid. File this one under the entertainment category, along with fart machines, beer simulators, and other useless but otherwise fun apps.

Although the tweak is still in the works and developer conradev hasn’t pledged to any specific release date yet, it should be hilarious if the below promotional video is any indication.

What’s remarkable about this hack is that app icons are still fully usable and can be touched even as they’re flying around the screen. You can set the force of gravity in the settings to Moon or Earth and even define custom gravity parameters.

Even more so, the icons respond to accelerometer, sliding realistically and piling up as you tilt your device around.

Source: HackthatiPhone