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REVIEW: OtterBox Commuter Case for HTC Legend

When HTC released the Legend in February 2010, we were impressed with its sleek unibody aluminum design. As the time passes, however, the need to protect the aluminum body becomes more and more evident.

Sadly, HTC didn’t exactly worked hard on establishing an eco system with a large number of accessories, meaning that finding a good protective case for a custom-shape phone as the Legend is a daunting task. 

Thus, when premium case maker OtterBox kindly asked us to evaluate the Legend version of their popular Commuter series of smartphone cases, we took the plunge and evaluated their approach to protecting the Legend.

For those who need better protection, OtterBox also manufacturers the Defender version of the case. Due to the elegance of the phone, we wanted somewhat smaller and thinner protection.

The case arrived protected inside a transparent plastic shell which is very easy to open – no more breaking nails over hard-to-open retail packaging. Inside the box you’ll find assembly instructions, installation card, cotton cloth, and a clear screen protector.

Just like every Commuter case, the outer part is made of high-quality polycarbonate shell. On the inside, the silicone material helps afix the phone firmly in place. The back of the case sports indentations that really help gett the phone slide out easily of your pocket.

Installation was quite simple, with the only caveat being the clear screen protector. Just like any other protectors out there, you have to be very careful when applying the screen protector in order to avoid trapping the air bubbles.

This procedure always requires a steady hand and some patience – but the end result warrants it. That said, we were pleased to find the included installation card which helped flushing out those remaining bubbles under the protector.

The good news about the screen protector is that it doesn?t reduce usability of the touchscreen – just the opposite. Upon the installation we immediately noticed that the screen has become even more responsive. Also worth noting is that the case sports protective silicone plugs that cover the headset and charger ports, thereby serving as an excellent dust protection.

After a month worth of use, we?re pleased to report that the Commuter did its job flawlessly. The case will fully protect your phone from dust particles, scratches, and accidental falls from reasonable heights. 

If resale value is something you’re seriously contemplating, protecting your phone?s outer appearance from ugly scratches is something you definitely need to pay attention to.

In any case, OtterBox?s Commuter case for HTC Legend gets our seal of approval.