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White iPhone 4 Set to Arrive by Spring 2011, Just Months Before iPhone 5?

Official signage at several Apple Stores across the country is the strongest indication yet that white iPhone 4 won’t be available before Spring of next year. If true, this third delay puts the white iPhone 4 just months away from the iPhone 5 arrival.

According to 9to5Mac, in-store POS spotted at several Apple Stores in the US specifically mentions the handset’s availability:

The white iPhone will be available Spring 2011.

Although the publication did provide photographic evidence of the signage, it failed to explain who exactly spotted this signage and at which specific stores.

Meanwhile, hard evidence of the phone’s existence emerged recently when a Seattle reported snapped photos of the device allegedly belonging to a man who was field-testing it for Apple. The owner claimed Apple modified the phone to circumvent the antenna issue and said the company would launch white iPhone 4 in Europe in February.

When white iPhone 4 missed the official June launch, Apple issued the first statement explaining that it was "more challenging to manufacture than expected" and promising to bring it to market by the second half of July. 

That never came to be, however, as Apple put out another statement. The company again cited "challenging" manufacturing process and said it would produce the handset "later this year."

The blogosphere incorrectly rumored that Apple was unable to match the whites on the home button to the specific snow white shade of the rest of the exterior. Sources plugged into Apple’s supply chain put the blame on light leakage that allegedly affected camera performance, which forced Apple to hold back the white iPhone 4.

If this latest piece of information is true, white iPhone 4 would launch mere three months before iPhone 5 arrives in summer 2011, which would be very unlike-Apple, to say the least. My theory is that white iPhone 4 might be already on its way to the stores, in time for Christmas. Either that, or Apple is in for another PR blunder.

Source: 9to5Mac