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Six BulkyPix Games for Your iDevice to Play This Christmas

If you?re on the lookout for quality gaming experience on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, Bulkypix has you covered with a comprehensive holiday lineup.

French developer and publisher BulkyPix, founded by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008, has a hectic holiday schedule filled with some pretty amazing titles, some of which already went live on the App Store. Here?s their exhausting lineup, sorted in no particular order, to consider for your holiday shopping at the App Store.

Of course, you’ll also free to explore their older releases on the App Store. We particularly recommend the cult Gobliiins, Roll Out (now available on iPad), Yslandia, Battlestar Commander (now works on iPhone, too), Crazy Piano, My Brute, and awesome old-school arcade Pix’n Love Rush which recently received a thorough iPad face-lift.

iCannon HellFire

This 360-degree futuristic shooter, under development by BulkyPix, represents a new take on the cannon shooting formula. You play as the pilot of a defensive turret who must determine the proper projectile angle and acceleration in order to blast the enemy troops into oblivion.

What sets iCannon HellFire apart from the crop of similar cannon shooters is the ability to customize and improve your turret via upgrades that you can earn through victories or purchase upgrades directly from the shop. You’ll be able to improve and strengthen your armour plating, fire power, and radar as well as gain new powers such as the energy wave, N-bomb, or invincibility.

The game will also support Game Center medals and achievements and feature easy learning curve in the early levels, allowing you to master the orientation of your turret and the operation of the viewfinder. iCannon HellFire is scheduled for release on December 22 on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

A Moon For The Sky

Available from this past Thursday, A Moon For The Sky is a new breed line-drawing game in which the familiar mechanism is applied to a moon that you’re trying to fling up to the sky by drawing a line below it. Developer Egg Ball says the pick-up-and-go concept is aggravating thanks to unique physics, charming graphics, and "a zen, dreamlike atmosphere mixed with sweet melodies."

You can play the game in the Endless Mode to see how high you place the moon in the sky or take on eighteen levels in the story mode. This 99-cent release also lets you customize your moon and comes with a bunch of unlocakable elements and world ranking through Game Center to see who is the best at raising the Moon up to the sky.


Survivium is a fast-paced strategy game in which you develop your own virtual virus and program it with a dozen genome sequences like Eat, Jump, Clone, Dash, and Acid. Then, when you have perfected your virus, unleash it online against your friends or check its virulance against AI in inter-virus duels. Whoever captures the most territory on the playing field wins the game.

A long list of features includes thirty training missions to get you going, a useful tutorial to guide you step-by-step in the creation of your first virus, worldwide ranking, plenty of rewards to unlock to customize your viruses, your personal online virus bank, and more.

Survivium is available now on iPhone for a buck. Developer Little Worlds Studio also did Survivium for Facebook and confirmed that the iPad version is due within days.

Check out the next page for Artillery Brigade, Hysteria Project 2 and Aqua Panic.

Aqua Panic

Fans of addictive brain-busting puzzlers will enjoy this one. Aqua Panic is a Rollando-meets-Enigmo type of game in which you have a variety of water-manipulating tools at your disposal and your challenge is to guide a school of fish to safety. Your toolkit includes everyday items like bombs, plants, and harpoons, but also more sophisticated tools such as fans, attractors, and other contraptions that freeze water, collect fish, or create cloud.

Aqua Panic spawns a whooping eighty levels spread across five colorful environments (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Inferno). In addition to 8000 wispy fish to rescue, you’ll need to outsmart dozens of sea creatures such as narcoleptic sharks, hungry seagulls, and sliding penguins.

Aqua Panic is available in the free demo version with 30 levels to download. The $4 Aqua Panic Deluxe version features Game Center support, Retina Display graphics, 80 levels, and ships as a universal binary which works on all iDevices.

Hysteria Project 2

One of the best-looking horror games on the App Store is back. Unfortunately, little is known about this second installment except that it brings 360-degree environments and a bunch of scary video clips to engross yourself in. From little information we’ve gotten so far, it seems we’re in for the usual combination of mystery-solving and exploration. Expect Hysteria Project 2 to launch later this month on all iDevices.

Artillery Brigade

Available later this month for all iDevices, Artillery Brigade has you battling an overwhelming onslaught of enemy forces from land, sea, and air that include companies of soldiers, warships, tanks, and other war machines. This World War II-themed shooter features six distinct environments, unlockable weapons for each class and survival mode for each campaign mission accomplished, and a full 360-degree range of motion. 

Romanian Developer Revo Solutions is adamant to spoil gamers with high-res Retina Display graphics, day and night missions, three different weapon types (machine guns, AA guns, rocket launchers), in addition to handy helpers like target finder, zoom, and radar movement. Control choices include touch, gyroscope, and accelerometer. Game Center and Open Feint leaderboards and achievements are also supported.