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Facebook 2010 Status Trends: HMU, Justin Bieber, World Cup, iPhone 4, and – Airplanes


How long does it take for movie-goers to get out of the theater, what the heck is HMU, is Bieber Fiever dying down, and other burning questions – all answered in Facebook’s overview of the top ten status trends in 2010.

Like Google, Facebook too is sitting atop a massive pile of user-generated data that includes status updates, the links we share, comments, likes, etc. 

And just like the search company, the Palo Alto, California-based social networking giant mines user data in order to distill key trends from the status updates we shared throughout 2010.

If you don’t know what HMU means, you probably haven’t spent much time on Facebook lately. 

An acronym for "hit me up" (by phone, text, or email), HMU grew aggressively throughout 2010, increasing by about 75 percent each month and reaching 80,000 mentions per day by the end of summer. 

Although it was being used with roughly equal frequency throughout the week, Facebook explains its use started to change in September when kids began using HMU more frequently as a "weekend-oriented request."

Hollywood movies were the third trending topic on Facebook, with the most talked-about releases being Toy Story 3, Inception, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, and teens’ favorite horror flix The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Facebook even discovered the following fascinating fact:

Naturally, the people updating their status to report on the movie via their mobile phones were able to do so as soon as it ended, while the people reporting on their computers had to get home first. The difference in the spikes between mobile and web gives us an approximation of how long it takes people to get out of the theater, go home and fire up Facebook – about half an hour.

Apple’s iPad and iPhone 4 were fourth on the list, accounting for "over 25 million bragging, lusting or the occasional condemning posts during the year," the social networking firm noted in a blog post. 

The January 12 earthquake in Haiti came in fifth and blond-haired pop sensation Justin Bieber followed sixth, confirming that Bieber Fiever isn’t even remotely dying down. In fact, the Biebs, as the media affectionately calls the sixteen-year old Canadian singer, attracted the most mentions during his September 12 debut on the MTV Video Music Awards.

Facebook games, Chilean miners, airplanes, and 2011 round up the list of top status trends on Facebook in 2010. No, it’s not an error – we in fact were using the word "airplanes" a lot in our statuses due to the most unlikely reason:

Using the word "airplanes" is nothing new or noteworthy – most years. But in 2010, it burst onto the scene in status messages thanks to the catchy lyrics of the international hit song "Airplanes." A deeper look showed that people were specifically quoting the following line, often times to share a personal wish and sometimes when they were traveling.

Go figure.

Source: The Facebook Blog