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EVGA Takes Aggressive Steps to Improve European Market


EVGA has long been considered to be one of Nvidia?s best board partners when it came to customer service and overall customer satisfaction. Today, they take that one step further by finally introducing their Advanced RMA program in Europe.

Advanced RMA or EAR as EVGA likes to call it, has existed for quite some time within EVGA but was never available to customers in Europe. 

This left many European customers feeling left out and like second class customers. As EVGA continues to reshuffle its operations, they are aiming to create a uniform level of customer service and quality that is unrivaled.

The introduction of EAR in Europe means that European customers no longer have to haggle with their local or online retailers to get returns done or even wait very long to get a replacement board back. 

The EAR program is a great program that allows customers to significantly reduce their downtime caused by a failed part.

Unfortunately, though, unlike the EAR of the past where you simply had to pay shipping, you are now required to make a collateral payment for the value of the card at which point you will be refunded for once they receive your failed product. This may prove to be an obstacle for some that do not have the extra cash to spare while the RMA process is occurring.

EVGA has also created an introductory offer for GTX 580/570 and 480 owners. EVGA will be supplying free UPS return shipping labels by email for all of the aforementioned EVGA cards purchased in December 2010 and January 2011 registered within 30 days.

The kicker is that this one-time return shipping label is valid for the entire time the product is under warranty. More details on this promotion can be found here.

As if this weren?t enough, EVGA is also offering the Holiday Redemption offer. This offer allows customers to receive their extended warranties if they had forgotten to register within the first 30 days. The redemption offer has two different programs.

The first program simply helps you recover your original warranty if you did not register within 30 days. All products purchased within 2009 and 2010 qualify for this offer. Although, we must admit that this offer does kind of seem like the customer is jumping through a series of hoops, EVGA making the exception to their policy for everyone is pretty awesome.

The second program grants you a onetime replacement if your product was purchased in 2008 and was not guaranteed because of the lack of registration.

Both programs require you to be the original owner of the product, to have an invoice, and make a post on the EVGA forums and then link to it in your support ticket.

In all, it is good to see EVGA bringing up the level of customer service for European customers that often feel neglected by hardware manufacturers and we hope that this is the start of a good trend.