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Nokia to Build Windows Phones?


An unlikely co-operation between Nokia and Microsoft has been proposed, calling for an entire line of Nokia smartphones driven by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software.

At least that’s what Mobile Review’s Eldar Murtazin has been hearing lately. According to the author, the two firms have been engaged in serious two-way talks over such a possibility over the last couple of months. Although Murtazin provided no source for his claims, he speculated this will be true partnership aimed at creating an entire line of Nokia phones powered by Microsoft-‘s latest Windows Phone 7 software.

It’s a viable option to consider, Murtazin noted, given that Nokia lured its new CEO Stephen Elop from Microsoft where he headed the software maker’s business division. Although the author did opine that it’s a "desperate measure of the two companies," synergy between Microsoft’s mobile operating system and Nokia’s brand, distribution reach, and quality of build might benefit both companies.

For Microsoft, it would be an important win as the world’s leading phone maker opts for Windows Phone 7 software. For the Finnish firm Windows Phone 7 could provide the level of sophistication needed to compete successfully with the crop of Android smartphones and Apple’s iOS devices.

On the other hand, Nokia’s current strategy already involves two software platforms – MeeGo for high-end smartphones and Symbian for low-to-mid line of phones. That being said, adding a third platform would probably complicate development and confuse customers. Nevertheless, mulling over such an interesting possibility isn’t just food for thought – it clearly signifies Nokia’s inability to provide the right answer to Apple’s and Google’s platforms.

Source: Mobile Review (original in Russian, Google translation)