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What Can The Unreal Development Kit Do?

Epic Games known for its video game engines, has a new set of tools for developers. It will open the door to iPhone and iPad developers.
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Previously, under the moniker "Unreal" the original Unreal Engine, followed by Unreal Engine 2, and then 3, offered a complete feature set of graphical rendering, sound processing and physics that could be used as a basis by developers that did not want to code their own engine from scratch. Tools included Unreal Kismet visual scripting and Unreal Matinee cinematics. Epic?s engines as they improved over time have been quite popular.
Unreal Engine 3 won Game Developer magazine?s Best Engine Front Line Award four times. Front Line Awards represent the most innovative, user-friendly, and useful products from behind the scenes of the world?s best video games, be they on consoles, smartphones, social networks.
Epic?s latest Unreal Development Kit [UDK] adds new tools to create high-quality graphics and animations on the Apple iOS. This is a strategic move for Epic, since Apple has moved over 125 million devices, only 10 million less than Nintendo DS, and 63 million more than PlayStation Portable according to the Wall Street Journal.
The new features promise fully supported portrait and landscape modes, multi-touch tilt and gyroscope support, level streaming with asynchronous loading, specular and dynamic lighting, and a new vertex color matching tool in the Unreal Editor.

Epic's Citadel demo was accepted with a critical acclaim
Epic’s Citadel engine demo was accepted with a critical acclaim

The UDK is downloadable and includes the full source and content for the Epic Citadel app which provides realistic lighting and shadows with minimal development resources. The UDK is free, as long as your resulting game is free. If you want to use the engine to produce commercial, saleable product, per seat licenses for corporate simulation,
Batman: Arkham Asylum - One of numerous games created using Unreal Engine and its development platform
Batman: Arkham Asylum – One of numerous games created using Unreal Engine and its development platform
Perhaps a Batman: Arkham Asylum, played on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or a Dungeon Defense is fomenting in your mind. UDK wants to help you bring it to fruition.