AOL Snaps Up Social Profiling Site

image_1299_6685, a personal profile startup, is about to be swallowed by AOL for an undisclosed sum. The service should integrate with AOL’s email and instant messaging products, people in the know claim.’s co-founder and CEO Tony Conrad confirmed the acquisition in a blog post yesterday:

We are joining Aol at an opportune time. Aol is doing what great, sustainable business do every so often ? they?re reinventing themselves.

Conrad should work under AOL’s applications group lead Brad Garlinghouse. It’s Conrad’s second sell to AOL after he sold Sphere, his first startup, to AOL as well.

TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington reported that the AOL seems to be "genuinely excited about getting the team on board and finding ways to integrate it into their mail and instant messaging products."

Although neither AOL nor Conrad would disclose the size of the acquisition which will be formally announced later today, Arrington pegged it at "tens of millions of dollars."

The popular four-year-old service allows users to pull all of their information from other online places together to build a single on-line identity. It acts as a personal and dynamic splash page that points visitors to your content around the web. The service also provides analytics that help folks track how many people viewed their profile pages. can extract and combine valuable information you’ve provided about yourself on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as personal blogs and email. The San Francisco, California-based service entered beta in September and immediately signed up 400,000 users.

Source: Tony Conrad’s blog