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Big Games Publishers Rock App Store, Should Indies Be Worried?


Who makes the top grossing iOS games? Up until recently, the answer to this question was an easy one – a number of indie developers had their titles listed on the most popular paid and free charts on the App Store. Not anymore, though.

A brief glance at the App Store reveals that eight Electronic Arts’ releases have surfaced atop the top 200 iOS games. The remaining two games, the ever popular Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, both addictive physics-based puzzlers from Chillingo, round up the top 10 paid iOS games. However, those games now belong to the Los Angeles, California-based superpublisher who recently acquired UK-based Chillingo.

According to, a year ago EA had zero titles on the same chart. Of course, the fact that EA is having a huge holiday blowout sale in which they slashed their triple-As to just 99 cents for a limited time has a lot to do with their App Store ranking. The publication observed this could be a sign of inevitable maturity of Apple’s mobile bazaar:

This is pretty typical of any game platform. The small guys get in there early and hopefully make some quick money before the big guys realize that it?s profitable and start pushing resources to that space. Happened in the PC game market in the 80s. Then PC downloadable try-before-you-buy games in the 90s. Online / browser flash games in the 00s. And now the iPhone game space has gone the same way too.

Pictured above: Battlefield: Bad Company for iPhone

Still, such a dominance of big publishers that back iOS development with significant resources could also mean that the romantic age of bed-time iOS development is increasingly becoming a thing of the past – unfortunately.