Google Drops $1.9 Billion for a Massive Office Building in NYC

See this enormous building? This Starship Enterprise-class office building? It’s Google’s now in its entirety, and in exchange for a cool $1.9 billion (no, it’s not a typo).

To help you wrap your head around this incredible data point, the transaction files as both the largest US real estate transaction of 2010 and Google’s biggest purchase of the year. Google moved into this building in 2006, while other tenants include Verizon, Sprint, Level 3, WebMD, Nike,, and advertising agency Deutsch. And now it totally owns it…

The enormously wide construction is located at 111 Eighth Avenue and has a helicopter landing pad on the roof. It’s so huge that it takes one twenty minutes to walk around it. Still not impressed?

Wired’s got a few more impressive details… For example, imagine the Empire State Building laying flat on its side and you’ve got a pretty good idea of just how bulky this thing is.

It’s hard to believe, but this building has about three million square feet of office space versus "just" two million for the Empire State Building. Oh, and its elevators are so spacious that you could squeeze an 18-wheel semi-truck inside, how about that?

This building will accommodate Google’s employees as the search giant continues growing at an astonishing pace. Google first began its New York operation in 2000 when a one-man show ran a tiny office at Starbucks on 86th Street. Another reason Google paid an obscene amount of money for an office building: 111 Eighth Avenue practically sits on top of a fiber optic highway.

And last, but not the least, 111 Eighth Avenue sports the so-called "Meet-Me" room with a bunch of networking gear directly hooked up to the fiber-line.

Source: The official Google blog