Make Your Holidays Retro With Awesome 8-bit Geeky Chiptunes

There’s something both magical and nostalgic about 8-bit computer music so what better way to celebrate holidays than go retro with some festive chiptunes.

Those of us that’ve been around long enough to remember playing games on our Commodore home computers or SNES consoles have a special penchant for 8-bit computer music.

In fact, these so-called chiptunes are still alive and are often used as back themes in pop songs, at techno parties, and various events like Engadget’s meet ups accompanied by Zen Albatross’ chip music.

That said, if you’re feeling retro nostalgia this holiday season, why not get in the right mood with an assortment of great Christmas-themed chiptunes?

Just head over at 8bitchristmas.com, pump up the volume, and knock yourself out with their cool selection of free 8-bit Christmas-themed tunes.

The site is worth checking out, but you’ll need Flash to play music using its built-in audio player. Those that consider themselves a bit more of a dance-meets-electro types should go nuts with Rush Coil’s awesome holiday-themed chiptunes from the album called The XMAS Compilation 2010.

This 13-track album is free to download and is available in several formats, from 320kbps MP3 to FLAC. If you’ve stumbled upon great Christmas chip music, feel free to share it with the rest of us in comments.