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BulkyPix Christmas Sale: Stack Up With Great iOS Games

Cozy up by a fireplace with your favorite holiday drink and a great game to boot. That said, take a moment, if you will, and check out BulkyPix’s huge Christmas sale.

Just as their impressive holiday schedule containing some pretty amazing titles caught our attention, BulkyPix is back with more surprises, this time a huge Christmas sale. Needless to say, holiday shoppers looking for steals and bargain hunters on the lookout for great iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad games should really consider this promotion.

For starters, Babel Rising and Survivium are now free for a limited time, which is cool because both games regularly cost 99 cents each.

In addition to these two freebies, BulkyPix has discounted more than a dozen games to just 99 cents, a steal considering most of them regularly cost between two and five bucks. Here’s a list of games discounted to 99 cents for a limited time:

Slashed to just 99 cents

  • Twin Blades (previously $2.99)
  • Twin Blades HD (previously $4.99)
  • Badaboo pack (megabadaboo)
  • Last King of Africa: Episode 1 (previously $3.99)
  • Last King of Africa: Episode 1 HD (previously $3.99)
  • Daily Quizz (previously $5.99)
  • Eye Training (previously $2.99)
  • Saving Private Sheep HD (previously $2.99)
  • Rollout (previously $1.99)
  • Snake Galaxy HD (previously $4.99)
  • Battlestar Commander (previously $3.99)
  • Battlestar Commander HD (previously $3.99)
  • Gobliiins (previously $2.99)
  • Aqua Panic Deluxe (previously $3.99)

BulkyPix has been running this Christmas sales since Wednesday so better hurry up as the promotion could come to an end any minute now.

BulkyPix is a young publisher and developer founded by former employees of Vivendi Games Mobile in 2008. They have been putting out great games relentlessly, which earned them a decent following among the App Store gamers.