Asus Shows Jaw-Dropping Eee Tablets the Size of a Notebook


With the CES show exactly a week from today, gadget makers are leaking their upcoming slates like crazy in the perfectly legitimate effort to garner some free publicity.

Asus on its part has been working hard on turning its brand into a household name. This lets the company capitalize on its well-received Eee family of netbooks and make a dent with the brand in tablet space. If the latest shots leaked to Tech in Style on Tuesday are any indication, Asus means business. Just take a look at those Tablet PC-like devices with a keyboard panel attached to a display.

The other depicted device apparently features a full-sized slider keyboard and both sport sharp-looking aluminum and glass design, chromed edges, stylish textured back, side ports, and more. Those shots arrived five days after Asus posted a teaser video on its YouTube channel.

That clip, included below, suggested speedy performance and productivity features on the 12-inch Eee Pad. Because it’s a significant step-up over iPad’s 9.7-inch display and due to the fact it’ll run an Intel Core i5 processor and Windows 7, the Eee Pad will let you use standard productivity software like Microsoft Office.

Other features include an HDMI video output, USB 3.0 port, SD card slot and webcam. Full HD playback is guaranteed, as are apps to help you organize your music, read e-books and play games, says the promo video.

Of course, with a larger display comes greater resolution to power HD multimedia. More screen real estate means better content creation apps that Asus hopes will make a huge difference compared to what’s possible on today’s slates. Think true multitasking, a full sized keyboard, snappy performance, a range of expandability options, and great battery life – in a package Asus calls "the best cloud computing devices possible."

One thing’s certain, we surely won’t miss Asus’ presentation at CES.