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Leaked Android Music App Gives Sneak Peek at Android 3.0 Interface


It’s no secret Google’s been prepping a music management software to address a missing link in Android. In 2009, the search monster previewed the Android Music app which works in conjunction with the cloud to let you remotely browse and stream the tracks residing on your PC, push songs bought on the web to your phone, and more.

A year later the app is still nowhere to be seen, but a recently leaked video suggests it’ll be ready in time for the release of tablet-optimized Android 3.0, code-named "Gingerbread."

Although the clip, leaked to the Xda-developers forum, reveals little new features beyond what we already know, it does offer a glimpse of a new user interface slated to debut in Android 3.0.

Google said it planned on bringing Android’s user interface on par with the shininess of iOS and in May the company appointed former Palm webOS user interface guru Matias Duarte as Android’s user experience director. A few interesting observations from the below video:

  • overall, subtle design tweaks such as blurred backdrops work out pretty well
  • it seems like there’s a universal menu button in the app (other Android 3.0 apps, too?) that provides system-wide access to the commonly used features
  • if you tap the app icon in the top left, it’ll send you back to the app’s home screen

By the way, live wallpaper you see in the app’s background is called Blue Skies Live Wallpaper and is available here.

Source: xda-developers forum