GeForce GTX 560 to Debut in 1Q 2011


As the west is recovering from the Christmas feast and getting ready for New Year’s celebrations and all-night partying, Far Eastern sources are more than busy to prepare for the two week Chinese New Year celebrations starting on Feb. 3rd. One of such preparations is also hard work on the chip known under the codename GF114, more known as "unlocked GF104" or GeForce GTX 560, nVidia’s answer to AMD’s Radeon HD 6800 Series.

The chip under the codename GF114 is happily working and achieving great scores, both at default clocks and while overclocked. While default clock is not set in stone yet, we can tell you that you should not expect nVidia to be conservative [as 675MHz was on the GF104/GTX 460] – since vendors shipped stock-cooled parts which ticket as high as 855 MHz for the core, 1.7GHz for those 336 cores.

Multiple sources informed us of GF114 reaching clocks as high as 930-940MHz for the GPU on air, meaning aggressive overclocking manufacturers such as EVGA or Point of View might even offer an overclocked GeForce GTX 560 with all 384 cores ticking at 1.8GHz. Just like majority of 40nm silicon made by TSMC, you should be able to reach 1GHz or come very close to it once you deploy more efficient cooling, such as waterblocks.

Our sources disclosed that the sampling date for the parts should start in the dying weeks of January, giving enough time for a product launch after the Lunar New Year celebrations. Naturally, all is subject to change, but our sources were adamant that GTX 560 will ship on time and has no problems in beating Barts [Radeon HD 6800 Series] by a significant margin.