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Phone Book: Announcing the 11th Book by our own Tomi Ahonen


The 11th book of my writing career comes as an response for many readers. The goal of Phone Book is to be used as the companion volume to the highly popular Tomi Ahonen Almanac. While the Almanac features only one written chapter and 12 chapters filled with the tables, charts and diagrams about the handset part of the mobile industry – the new TomiAhonen Phone Book 2010 gives you 171 pages all about the handsets part of the industry, with over 90 charts, diagrams and tables.

Like the Almanac, the book format is eBook and is formatted for the small screen. Thus, you can carry all the phone industry stats in your pocket on your smartphone or in your Kindle or iPad, laptop etc. Keeping in line with the standards set forth by Tomi Ahonen Almanac, the Phone Book costs only 9.99 Euros.

Tomi Ahonen Phone Book 2010 - an eBook by Tomi T. AhonenThe Tomi Ahonen Phone Book 2010 discusses overall handset industry numbers like number of handsets sold, the market shares, the prices of handsets, regional differences etc. Then the book takes a look at market shares of all phones, both smartphones and of dumbphones, as well as the market shares of the operating systems for smartphones. The Phone Book includes a whole chapter on the installed base of phones so if you need to know what features are common on phones worldwide, from color screens to GPS, from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth and from memory card slot to media player, the numbers are there. There are 3G migration rates and cameraphone resolution migration rates etc. This is a one-stop shop for all the information you might need in your papers or for your reading pleasure.

The Phone Book includes plenty of regional numbers including market shares of handsets, smartphones, operating systems etc by region, etc. There are useful comparisons of average sales prices regionally for all phones, smartphones and dumbphones, as well as an overall handset price pyramid. There is a chapter on smartphone app stats, and a chapter on the Digital Divide with a focus on handsets. There even are business overviews of the five biggest global rivals [by revenues] in handsets [Nokia, Samsung, Apple, RIM and Motorola] and illustrative charts of their recent sales performance and their regional footprints.

There is also a big numbers section in the back of the Phone Book which includes the 60 biggest countries and short summaries of their mobile and handset markets [how many handsets sold annually, who are the biggest handset and smartphone brands in that market] and such useful tables as the biggest country-markets by number of handsets sold, and by value of the handset markets.

There will be some sample pages soon on the ordering page, but as some readers may have noticed, in the new The Insider’s Guide to Mobile that I released earlier for free, there were seven charts and tables taken from the Phone Book 2010. For those who are familiar with the Almanac, the format is identical, same style of text and same style of diagrams, tables, charts and graphs that make it easy to quickly find the info you want.

The TomiAhonen Phone Book is now available for immediate download, and costs only 9.99 Euros. This eBook will only be available from my website. I will also bring some interesting findings from the Phone Book in future articles, so feel free to check back.