Lexar 64GB and 128GB SDXC Memory Cards Materialize


Lexar has made a pre-CES announcement today announcing their 64GB and 128GB SDXC memory cards that will be available sometime this quarter. These cards will deliver a minimum guaranteed transfer speed of 20MB per second and will also be tagged with a Class 10 classification since they will be faster than 10MB/s.

For those unaware of the SDXC standard, it is the successor to the widely known and adopted SDHC which succeeded the previous standard of plain old SD. The SDXC standard was announced during last year?s CES and was stated to cover capacities ranging from above 32GB up to 2TB. Currently, though, there are more SDXC enabled devices out there than actual SDXC memory cards. Most of those devices are actually camcorders and a few are newer DSLRs like the Canon T2i and Nikon D7000.

A short little diagram explaining which types of SD cards work in what types of devices.

Currently, the majority of SDXC cards available are available in 64GB and cost approximately $200 to $350. Lexar?s cards will be priced at $399 for the 64GB and $699 for the 128GB. While the price of entry into this market may seem fairly high, it does mean that one can expect to shoot hours of 1080P video without having to worry about switching cards or waiting forever to transfer the files. Needless to say, we are slowly inching towards the promised 2TB capacities, and we can?t wait to see microSDXC cards as well.