Tiger and EA ? More to Come

Although he has had his share of bad publicity, Tiger Woods is still an Electronics Arts favorite. The Masters Tournament at Augusta draws crowds and EA hopes it, and Tiger, will draw gamers.

Misbehavior outside of his marriage cost Woods a wife and was the catalyst for his fall from being pro golf’s Numero Uno. He also lost more than $35 million in annual sponsorship dollars. However, two big names, EA and Nike, continue to use his image and name.

EA hopes to profit from the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 video game which will be available on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation3 consoles. The iPhone and iPad will carry partial versions that lack the Masters Tournament.

Don’t try to find the game by looking for Tiger though. He won’t appear on the packaging. EA Sports President Peter Moore denied that this reflects that they are moving away from their thirteen-year relationship with Woods.

You can expect Tour 12 to come out in North America on March 29, followed immediately by an April 1 release worldwide.