Angry Birds Tabletop Game for Two Players Coming From Mattel

The Angry Birds phenomenon hasn’t reached its peak yet. Despite raking in over ten million paid downloads thus far on the iOS platform alone, this hilarious physics-based puzzler that launched a year ago is still popular. Finnish developer Rovio Mobile confirmed intentions to turn the cute birds-versus-pigs puzzler into a multi-million dollar franchise to incorporate cute plush toys, iPhone cases, comics, an animated series and maybe even a theatrical animated release.

You can now add a board game to the growing list of Angry Birds-themed entertainment products. Titled Angry Birds Knock on Wood, this officially-licensed board game from Mattel contains a bunch of lifelike plastic birds and pigs. More precisely, the package ships with three birds replica figurines, four pigs, one slingshot launcher, 14 blocks and 56 mission cards.

And what do you need the 14 blocks for? To build a hideout for the hideous pigs, that’s why. And what’s your opponent supposed to do? Catapult their birds into your structure, of course!

Add to this real-life game mechanics a bunch of mission cards that tell the Pig player what structure to build and we’ve got a winner here. Here’s from Electricpig:

Player One pulls a mission card. Player Two then builds the structure shown on the card for Player One to attempt to knock down to score as many points as possible. The first to 1,000 points wins.

This Angry Birds-inspired board game is arriving in May 2011 worldwide. Mattel said, priced at just $14.99. My hunch tells me this is going to be another blockbuster seller in the Angry Birds universe. 

Source: Electricpig