Scarlet Super HD Movie Camera Debuts


Scarlet makes other cameras seem like they’ve gone with the wind. It is a professional, hand-held, seven pound Super HD camera for making professional motion pictures.

Its Redmote, a wireless remote control, allows the cameraman to record, change settings, and control multiple cameras from as far away as 100 feet. Pretty handy when the camera is up on a crane and the camera man is below on terra firma.

Ted Shilowitz of Red Digital Cameras introduced the Scarlet Super HD at CES with its detachable Redmote. It has an integrated zoom lens of 28 ? 200mm, apertures up to ISO 12,800, and 3K, specific to 3D. Its battery installed in the grip runs the camera for about an hour.

The first-generation Red One camera had an ASA between 320-500. The latest Red One MX goes 320 ? 2500. The son of Red One, Epic, runs to 12,000 ASA.

The difference between using, say a Canon digital SLR, to shot video is that such cameras are primarily designed for still shots. Their 1080p rating is not the actual resolution when used for video which translates into about 720p. That’s OK for images on the Internet or a small screen, but insufficient for the professional.

Scarlet shoots RAW motion pictures, not a video stream. It is not your standard video camera. No, this is professional motion picture camera. In addition to movies, however, Scarlet can also shot stills. The company says there is nothing competitive at its price point ? a cool $6,000. A bargain when its only competition goes for $100,000 – $300,000, or its parent, Red One MX with 4K video resolution which is priced around $28,000.

Post Apocalyptic World of Denzel Washington in Book of Eli

The first Red One camera came out in August of 2007. Jim Jannard set out to build the world’s best cameras from a garage warehouse after his success with sportswear and sunglasses. Movies shot with Red One include: The Book of Eli, a post-apocalyptic tale with Denzel Washington, unique in sepia tone with color highlights; The Lovely Bones; and District 9.

You can check out the quality of Red One-produced movies in the upcoming 3D Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, or register with the New York Film Academy to learn how to use the Red One yourself.

The BSN* video team uses the Red One for music and advertising video shoots.

The big brother of Scarlet is the 5K resolution Epic, at six times the resolution of HD video.

Also hand-held sized, it can shoot up to 120 frames per second and has a new HDRx mode for the highest dynamic range of any digital cinema camera.

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit will be shot on Epic. It has been confirmed that Elijah Wood will continue in his role of Frodo in the upcoming version.