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Improve Your Guitar Skills ? Start Strumming With Raw Talent Guitar


The Raw Talent Guitar program for your Windows PC is a fine act. With its real-time performance engine, Raw Talent Guitar will grade your guitar playing ability and give you immediate feedback. Just plug your electric guitar into a Windows PC with the USB cable and start strumming.

Raw Talent Guitar is the first release from the Raw Talent Group out of Florida. The music was groovin’ at CES and the company has promised that consumers will be able to get the software as of January 25, but only from their website. Plan to hand over the value of two Benjamin Franklin’s to pay for it.

You’ll be graded on your guitar playing ability and get feedback thanks to "an algorithm which has been applied to learning guitar for the very first time and is proprietary to Raw Talent," Lawrence Fisher, President and CEO said.

It hears what you play and compares it to the instructor’s rendition, then returns a percentage score in real time.

You can even remove the lead or rhythm guitar from provided tracks and join in the gig yourself. Licensed tracks are included from artists such as Oasis and Boston.

Rock band Boston founder Tom Scholz, pictured on the right (image credit: Harry Fisher), is considered a technological wizard who holds electronics-related patents.

Although he plays them, Scholz says he doesn’t own an electric guitar. He does lay claim to two Les Paul Goldtops that he bought used. He is also an animal rights activist who received the Celebrity Animal Advocate of the Year Award.

Tracks from the London punk rock group, Clash, are also included in the software. Wanna play rhythm for I Fought the Law, as in the below clip? You can with Raw Talent Guitar.

If you want to play music like Clash, Raw Talent Guitar may be the answer. You don’t have to pay extra for lots of amps and electronic equipment, It installs with AmpliTube’s amp & FX software by IK Multimedia, who make iRig for the iPad. With the guitar-to-USB Stealth Plug, also by IK Multimedia, your computer becomes a sound stage with multiple amplifiers and FX pedals.

You can select dramatic effects, such as distortion, chorus or delay. You’ll also get a chord generator providing various fingerings for many different chords, a complete lesson guide, a metronome and the ability to check out your highest score and watch your improvement in MyAccount.

You’ll get an instructional video, plus what the video education lacks ? instant feedback and evaluation. Professionals, teachers, and musicians all contributed to the product’s development. Raw Talent Guitar is intended to make at-home learning fun, with accurate feedback using evaluation tools and your own personal computer. You’ll learn improvisation, and get Pro Tips and Tools from the instructor. By following the three step process mapped out by Raw Talent Guitar ?  Learn, Practice, Perform ? self taught musicians may soon be coming to a stage near you.