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MacBook Pro Owners, Submit Your Claims Over Faulty Nvidia GPUs


Fans will be pleased to know that graphics giant Nvidia settled with Apple over faulty GPUs found in some MacBook models. If you purchased a MacBook Pro suffering from faulty GPU, you can now submit your reimbursement claim.

BSN reported that the class action lawsuit involving graphics giant Nvidia and owners of the computers with faulty Nvidia GPUs inside has finally wrapped up. The affected customers can now take claims in regards to the settlement agreed upon.

In addition to Dell and HP customers, Apple’s fans who purchased a MacBook Pro from May 2007 to September 2008 are also eligible for reimbursment due to faulty Nvidia chips causing all sorts of glitches on those systems.

While Apple extended the affected customers every courtesy by servicing faulty computers for free and extending warranty, the settlement now forces Nvidia to reimburs Apple customers who paid for a repair or replacement computer over faulty GPUs by filing out forms here and here.