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Eurocom Unleashes a Dream Mobile Workstation

If you need computing power to handle video production, you’re almost certain doomed on a mobile rack, since elegant mobile computers just don’t have what it takes. Popularization of 4K digital video [Quad HD, 3840×2160 and 4096×2160] resolutions thanks to RED’s revolutionary One digital camera only increased the gap between desktops and notebooks.

stepped up to the plate with Panther, their 17" Desktop Replacement notebooks, which did not significantly differed them from the competition which is still offering numerous Clevo-based 17" configurations. Eurocom Racer is whole another ballgame, though.

Eurocom Racer - 15.6", relatively thin notebook for the amount of compute power it providesThis 15.6" notebook packs a Full HD screen with either glossy or matte panel [ideal for users which can’t stand the fact that almost every good notebook has a reflection-overloaded screen], connecting up to a 100 Watt GPU. That’s right, no 35W or 55W limit here, the design accepts boards such as Mobility Radeon HD 6970M or GeForce GTX 485M or even Quadro FX 3800M. If you’re into Adobe’s Creative Suite 5 set of CUDA-accelerated applications, an option to combine a matte 1080p screen with a powerful CUDA-enabled GPU sounds like a good call.

Second major thing you need in a mobile workstation is as much memory as possible, and this is where Racer excels – for the first time, you can put 32GB of DDR3 memory. The notebook supports either DDR3-1333 for ultra-dense configuration or DDR3-1600 for those who feel the need for speed [up to 16GB of DDR3-1600, i.e. 4x4GB SO-DIMM].
Third major thing is storage bandwidth, and with two SSDs or two hybrid drives – you’re well off in terms of processing large amount of data.

Lastly, we mentioned Racer utilizes Sandy Bridge processors. Given that Racer consists out of seventh generation Centrino platform [Huron River, P67M chipset], manufacturer offers two dual-core [i5] and three quad-core [i7] processors, bringing ample compute power to users who need more juice in mobile package.

We can’t wait to see this notebook and put it through the ringer. If it performs as well as it sounds on paper, Eurocom just might have something special in today’s crowded market.