New 13.4" Dell Adamo Priced at only $799

Several weeks ago, Dell updated the top-of-the-line Adamo notebook with faster, 2.1GHz processor, 128GB SSD and reduced the price by almost 20% [$899]. Today, the company introduced a new version of the notebook, bringing the design of Adamo down to a price point of just $799.

Dell Adamo 13.4" - Regardless of the specs, it is an impressive designNew Adamo is oriented towards the value user, featuring Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 processor, ticking at 1.4GHz, 2GB of DDR3 memory, as well as Intel’s GMA X4500 graphics. The good part about this notebook is that it still features a 128GB Solid State Drive – if there was a testament that the prices of solid state storage are coming down, this would be it. We estimate that during 2011, we might even see $499 notebooks with 128GB of memory, but not in as stylish package as Adamo.

While we are disappointed that Dell did not deliver Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture or a better graphics subsystem, the fact of the matter is that Intel is yet to introduce the Ultra-Low Power platform for notebooks, and you can’t say Dell is overcharging for high-quality aluminum case.

Only two months ago, you would get a slower laptop [by 200MHz] for $1100, almost 30% more than you need to spend today.