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ShareFile Debuts Professional One and Two-Way File Sync

As DropBox, SugarSync and similar solutions are gaining ground, it doesn’t come as a surprise that more vendors are jumping in the lucrative cloud storage space. However, most of these solutions are aimed at consumers.

ShareFile has long been in the business of providing professional solutions for secure file exchange for businesses. On Tuesday, the company released a new sync capability that completes their suite of file exchange services.

Billed as the first one- and two-way sync capability for small and medium businesses, ShareFile Sync is an Adobe AIR business-centric syncing tool that enables business users to continuously sync files and folders across users’ specific folder workflow.

The free tool requires a paid ShareFile account, ranging from the Basic $29.95 cloud storage plan all the way up to the $499.95 Enterprise plan. Jesse Lipson, CEO of the Raleigh, North Carolina-headquartered company, said in a written statement that the company’s software beats other offerings because "it is business-focused and can therefore handle complex file sharing needs and business cases."

For example, you can set ShareFile Sync to synchronize any folder and choose between one-way or two-way synchronization on a per-folder basis. This lets you create upload-only folders where anything employees drop in them gets stored in the cloud but doesn’t get beamed back to the authorized machines.

Later this quarter ShareFile plans to release Enterprise Sync with server-based capabilities that will offer more robust unattended operations and reporting. ShareFile Sync is a free download for Windows or Mac OS X that requires . If you’re eager to test-drive ShareFile, you can sign up for a free trial account.

Source: ShareFile

ShareFile Sync features
  • Selective folder syncing – rather than limiting syncing to a special folder, you can pick custom folders to automatically synchronize files stored in them
  • Comprehensive offering – ShareFile Sync, the syncing software, is included in ShareFile’s Professional and Enterprise price plans and is accessible by all users. Folks who purchase Basic Plan can later upgrade to the Power Tools bundle for an additional cost.
  • One-way or two-way sync – you can set ShareFile Sync to synchronize files one-way or two-way on a per-folder basis. This lets you protect certain folders by creating an ‘upload only’ setup (works on Windows and Mac OS and requires Adobe Air 2.0+)
  • Comes with PowerTools suite – ShareFile Sync will be part of the Power Tools suite, which includes an Outlook plug-in, desktop and mobile apps and more