New Ferrari Car Launches Online This Friday

Even though Ferrari is a manufacturer of exclusive products, the company realized the power of web long time ago. Unlike numerous companies, Ferrari actually makes quite a lot of money from various membership levels, its own online store and of course, customer care.

Ferrari New Car Launch
The launch of Ferrari’s latest supercar will be held online

To keep in line with their tradition [started with F430, continued with California, 458 Italia and the F60 and F10 F1 cars], Ferrari will launch a new car in an online event on January 21, 2011 at noon CET i.e. 3AM Pacific. Little is known from the teaser image but we know the company is continuing to replace the older models: F430 was replaced by 458 Italia, California was introduced to fill the hole between 400 series and the 500 and 600 series.

Thus, the time has [probably] come for successors of its two V12 supercars: 599 Fiorano [2007] and 612 Scaglietti [2004]. Ferrari already announced that 599 GTO will be the final version of that model, and the 612 Scaglietti 60 Years was the final edition of 612.

Online or offline, there is a new model coming to dreams of a lot of people? and in reality for the selected clientele.