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Facebook Comes To a Bunch of Feature Phones, No Data Charges For the First 90 Days


Facebook is pretty ubiqitous these days. In addition to the web interface optimized for desktops and tablets, their mobile app for a number of popular smartphone platforms is consistently among the top free downloads.

A stripped-down version of the site is also accessible via some feature phones – that is, low-end cellphones sporting less computing power than smartphones, but more than so-called dumb phones.

You know the kind, it’s the flip phones and basic handsets still predominantly used despite all the hoopla surrounding the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7.

On Wednesday, the social networking giant announced additional the expansion to a variety of feature phones, including popular handsets from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other manufacturers. Thanks to a close cooperation with mobile software developer Snaptu, Facebook now works on more than 2,500 different feature phones.

Recognizing that most people still don’t use smartphones, Facebook wrote in a blog post that the new mobile app provides a "better Facebook experience" that includes an easier-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friend updates.

The company teamed up with 14 different carriers that will let users try out the site – available at – on feature phones without paying for any data charges during the first 90 days after its launch.

More carriers will join in at a later stage, Facebook underscored. Check out the source link for the full list of carriers, countries and phone vendors supporting this initiative.

Source: The Facebook blog