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Release Schedule: Nintendo 3DS Launch Games

The 3DS, the new handheld from Nintendo that needn’t special glasses to enjoy its 3D touchscreen, is coming to the US in aqua blue and cosmo black on March 27 for a pricey $250.

As we noted in our live coverage and overview articles, Nintendo will accompany the US launch will a comprehensive lineup of games designed to take advantage of the console’s glass-less 3D experience described as "a different kind of 3D."

The gaming giant has on its part detailed every upcoming game on its site and provided detailed descriptions, screenshots and 2D videos. If you’re planning on upgrading your DS gaming experience to the 3DS, here are the games you’ll be able to pick between the launch and the upcoming E3 Expo in June.

Games by Nintendo

Launch lineup includes Nintendogs + cats (upper left), Steel Diver (upper right), The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (lower left) and Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D (lower right).

Games by third-party developers:

In addition to these officially confirmed games, other titles are coming as well but their availability and release dates may vary. These include Bomberman, Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle and Deca Sports Extreme from Hudson and Pet Zombies in 3D and Face Kart: Photo Finish from Majesco. All those games are expected this Fall.