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Get a PowerColor Radeon HD 6970 for the price of HD 6950!

PowerColor recently announced "PCS++ HD6950" graphics card. At first look, this is yet another overclocked AMD Radeon HD 6950 with a custom cooler.

Specs of PowerColor's PCS++ HD 6950 Certainly packs a punch

Specs of PowerColor’s PCS++ HD 6950 Certainly packs a punch

However, engineers at PowerColor created a custom product featuring two BIOS settings: in one, you get what you paid for: an HD 6950 that features 1408 cores ticking at 800MHz. But if you activate the second BIOS option, the board transforms into an HD 6970: you get 1536 cores ticking at 880MHz!

The only thing that differentiates this card from the stock HD 6970 is the memory clock: PCS++ HD6950 ships with memory working at 1.25GHz in QDR [Quad Data Rate] mode, while HD 6970 operates at 1.37GHz. To be perfectly clear – AMD would never give permission that someone ships a lower named part that is capable of reaching higher-end performance out-of-the-box – last company that did it [Palit HD 4850 GDDR5 Edition] was "showed the door" and no longer manufactures AMD GPUs at all. However, given the overclockability shown by the HD 6950, we would not be surprised that this part reaches the clocks of HD 6970 without breaking a sweat.

To boot, the PCS++ HD 6950 packs a custom cooling, featuring two pairs of heatpipes that take the heat away from the GPU, while two 80mm fans take care of supplying stable airflow over all major components of the board.

Pricing was unavailable at press time, but we’ve been told it’ll be competitive with the other HD 6950 boards.