Somebody Help Me, Croc Ate My Cell!


You see, crocodiles have little use for cell phones. In fact you might say Nokia is a pain in the belly of Gena, a 14 year old crocodile in the Ukraine. The aquarium where he resides in Dnipropetrovsk in the Eastern part of the country is in a quandary as to what to do about the reptile who ingested the phone.

Just like the crocodile who would have preferred to be rid of the tick-tocking clock he swallowed that warned Captain Hook of his approach, Gena probably wants to get that ringing cell phone out of his stomach as well. Rimma Golovko, who dropped her camera phone into the tank by accident, really doesn’t care about getting her phone back, but she’d really like the SIM card that contains her contacts and other photos.

We bet she’s not too keen on saving the picture she tried to snap of the crocodile, however. When her phone started ringing from inside the reptile, aquarium workers began to take her the-crocodile-ate-my-cellphone story seriously. Now, they have a more critical problem beyond a compromised phone ? a sick crocodile.

Seems the croc’s system considers the single phone a full course meal, because he is refusing to eat anything else ? even bypassed a live, vitamin and laxative stuffed, quail. The poor scaled creature hasn’t ingested food, nor exited anything for four weeks. Chief veterinarian Oleksandr Shushlenko said they’ll take Gena, who appears depressed and in pain, for an X-ray next week if he continues to refuse food.

Surgery would be a last resort, the vet said, since incisions and stitches usually take at least three weeks to heal in reptiles. Not to mention, the procedure is dangerous for all concerned, the croc and his medical attendants. One person was amazed that the Nokia was still working under the circumstances ? falling into the water, then residing inside, not a whale, but a crocodile. He says: "I set my blackberry next to a damp towel and it dies."