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Introducing Synopsys, the Betty Crocker of Chip Design


Synopsys is an electronic design automation (EDA) company that provides software, intellectual property and services used in semiconductor design, verification and manufacturing.

Lynx is a production-ready chip implementation platform with pre-established flows, recommended tool settings and pre-validated technology data. 

Andy Potemski, director of professional services didn’t have far to go from his company’s Mountain View, California headquarters to the Common Platform Forum last week in Santa Clara.

He presented the application and discussed its benefits, pointing out that design teams can deliver optimized 32/28nm HKMG system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs faster, and with low integration risk and cost, by using Lynx.

Potemski should know – he holds four US patents in integrated circuit design. The Lynx Galaxy Implementation Platform is loaded with advanced tools, flows and IP enablement with ARM production 28nm physical IP libraries.

It can accommodate internal or third-party tools. Advanced visualization capabilities manage chip design and provide better schedule predictability to check if you are on track to meet deadlines. Galaxy will generate a production-ready integrated circuit design in GDSII format, typically the final output product of the design cycle which is then given to the foundry for fabrication.

The foundry-ready system helps accelerate project start and tape-out (tape out being a term derived from the GDSII files originally being delivered on magnetic tape). Lynx integrates GHZ+ ARM Cortex A9 processor methodology and is extending for 20nm HKMG Common Platform technology. Based on proven flows, it makes adoption of new technology easier. The user interface with explanation can be seen in this WebEx stream.